SLOBODAN BLAGOJEVIC Photography | Finalist in the Digital Photo Magazine's Landscapes 2015 Competition

Finalist in the Digital Photo Magazine's Landscapes 2015 Competition

November 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Got a note from the publisher of the Digital Photo Magazine ( that my image "The Magnificent Tetons" has been selected as a finalist in their Landscape 2015 competition.

Notes about the photo: I was in the Grand Teton National Park in early October a few years ago. The day was gray and dark, stormy, and I thought I'd call it a day. I was probably half way on my way back to Jackson Hole, driving from the "usual suspect" points, like Oxbow Bend. I was passing by the Teton Point Turnout when I saw a break in the clouds. I stopped the car and hurriedly set up the tripod. The road there is quite elevated, relative to the field below, giving me a nice, unobscured view of the valley below.

What was fascinating about the scene was the fact that the mighty mountain range managed to break the heavy cloud cover in two, so that the lower clouds got stuck behind the mountain tops, and the higher clouds continued their advance, creating the miles-long crack, and a chance for the setting sun to create the proverbial "silver lining.” Another striking aspect was that the lower clouds seem to turn into fog and glide down into the valley (on the right side of the image).

Magnificent Tetons - Grand Teton National Park, WyomingMagnificent Tetons - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


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